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About the server


Alpha Server is developed by SpurPosting. It's been under development since about May 24, 2020.


You can read the full credits here, or read about support and frequently asked questions here.


I started playing Minecraft in January 2011 and I have since lost count of how many days/weeks/months I have spent playing the game.

When I first played the game it was a brightly coloured world with oceans, trees and mountains. It was simple but there was unlimited potential. Since then the game has updated over the 9+ years to become something incredible, but sometimes I find myself reflecting on how the game was like when I first played and how the game has developed over the years.

Development and philosophy

I've got a few plans and vision, but my only true design decision is to create a multiplayer environment where people can interact with friends and experience the game from its first days to its present state. Below is what Markus Persson said about how he wanted to develop the game back in 2010;

"I strongly believe that all good stories have a conflict, and that all good games tell a good story regardless of if it's pre-written or emergent. Free building mode is fine and dandy, but for many people it will ultimately become boring once you've got it figured out. It's like playing a first person shooter in god mode, or giving yourself infinite funds in a strategy game.. a lack of challenge kills the fun.
For survival mode, I'd rather make the game too difficult than too easy. That also means I'm going to have to include some way of winning the game (or some other climax) to prevent it becoming too exhausting."

If this is no fun, then we will redesign.

The future

Already SpurPosting hosts a variety of Minecraft servers (mostly due to us taking a while to find a good provider and buying purchasing multiple hosting companies and not letting them go to waste). We plan to keep this server running as long as we can, if it loses interest we will either downgrade to a cheaper server plan/provider or shutdown the server entirely.


If we every pause or shut down the server we will release the world file for download to anyone so they can explore the creations that have been made throughout the different versions of Minecraft.

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