Orienteering Maps made to the highest standards for your Club


Maps designed specifically for teaching Orienteering to students new to the sport


High quality sprint maps ready to be used in any level of event


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Maps made for anything from a birthday party to a beer relay

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Adrian Uppill, IOF Mapping Committee Member

We are national

With representatives in almost every state, SpurPosting is a reliable source of consistent quality you can trust wherever you are.

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School maps created in direct alignment with SpurPosting Coachings guidelines creating the most efficient teaching medium.




Any great Orienteering begins with a quality map, and coaching at schools is no exception. Derived from the  IOF Map Commission school symbol set, SpurPosting has created the perfect tool to assist in educating Orienteering.

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Maps made to ISSprOM2019 combined with accurate data creating maps ready for use in the highest quality of events.


Made ready for any event

SpurPosting Maps uses only the most accurate and precise data to create the best sprint maps possible. With a key focus on quality and legibility, SpurPosting Maps can create an outstanding map of even the most technical terrain.

Slide the bar below to see how we transform base maps, data and, fieldwork into a world-class Sprint Orienteering map...


Utilising LiDAR and other automated technology combined with fieldwork to create the best results possible.

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From birthday parties to beer relays, SpurPosting can provide you with a map suitable for any occasion.


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