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A short film comparing Minecraft-o to Real Life


Only Available on Java edition

You must have Minecraft Java Edition to compete in Minecraft-O

Step 1


Like any organised Orienteering event, you need to pre-enter for a small fee of $4 AUD. This is to make sure you have a map and all the details to join, as well as enabling us to properly prepare for the event.

You will receive an email containing your Minecraft-O Stimulus Package containing all the info you will need. This includes details for a technical model and more.

Step 2

Check your email

Join the discord to get to know your competition and learn updates about the upcoming race. Click here to join

Step 2.5

Join the Discord

Step 3

Print your map

Roughly 1 day before the event all competitors will be emailed the PDF of the map. Make sure you have it ready to flip at the start. Do not look at it! It will ruin the fun for you and everyone else.

Join the SpurPosting server using the address provided in the Stimulus Package/Map email and race against your friends and Orienteers from all over the world!

Step 4


The Map

This is a brand new map never before used for Orienteering. It is a technical combination of islands, bridges and unique building shapes.

Why is it $4?

Like any Orienteering event, it costs time and money to plan and run. Although each entrant is printing their own map, we still need to pay for server hosting, prizes and to subsidise the time of the people who have helped. This is also to discourage people from joining with malicious intent.

We also currently don't have any sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring us please let us know!

What Does my $4 get me?

  • An entry in the Minecraft-O event

  • Download link of the Minecraft map after the competition

  • Access to the SpurPosting Minecraft server before and after the Event

  • Access to exclusive SpurPosting server activities and events



23rd May 2020 - Venice, Italy

If you don't see your name, don't worry! Entry list is only updated twice a day