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Play now!

The server is going live this weekend so save this page, get on the Discord and ready to play!

Please note the server version on this page. Although the IP should stay the same they may change, especially the version!

We will announce to the Discord server when and what version we are changing too with plenty of notice ... hopefully.

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Server IP:

Server Version:

beta 1.1_02

Read before joining


1. Do not be an ass, these are other orienteers on the server

2. No griefing, do not break things you did not place or build in other          peoples bases without permission

3. No stealing, do not take other peoples things

If you break any of these rules it will result in a permanent ban

Setting up alpha mode

Visit our help page to download the 'Alpha Server Stimulus Package' which has everything you need to get started.

The help page also has more information and video tutorials on how to download and set up old alpha versions, as well as enabling the old alpha sounds for the full experience.


These are unfinished experimental builds of Minecraft and there are hundreds of known and unknown bugs and glitches. Please know this before joining the server.

Early versions of Alpha do not have a way to identify players by their username so everyone will join the server as a variation of "Player 634". This means that if you quit the server and restart your client you will lose everything in your inventory. Make sure you place this all in a chest before you leave. There is more information about these bugs on the server at spawn.

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