1st Control - Sprint

Angus Haines, o-training.net & Michael okansas.blogspot.com

Training in getting a good and fast start to the first control when you pick up the map.

Many courses with only the start and one or two controls. Several people start together (minimum of two), and the goal is to locate your position and run to the first control as fast as possible after turning the map around. Make many short courses, and put them in one bag for each new start point. Ideal with 3 or 4 persons. Do not make all the courses on one map - that makes it too easy to cheat. Instead, at each new start, there is a bag with maps for the next course, and the next start is marked on the previous map.

"Take a look at the map bit labelled 1. We started in groups of 4 runners. One person would say "start" and we'd all turn over the map, find the triangle, and then head to the control (which was marked by a small flag), then on to the finish circle, then walk to the next start triangle. At the next triangle, we'd start again - turning over map 2, finding the triangle, and heading to the first control and then the finish."
- Michael https://okansas.blogspot.com/

Modifications can be made to adjust the difficulty of the training. The setter could remove everyone's compass and/or the north lines from the map (which would require the segments to be rotated around) which would make the training more involved in looking around and connecting the terrain to the map under pressure. This can be done both individually or with a group, as both will provide different challenges. Adding forking to the first control with mass starts can also simulate sprint relay training.


Junior to Elite

Best for Orienteers who are experienced and looking to improve their speed at the beginning of a race.


Medium to Hard

Depending on how the setter structures the training it can be easier or more difficult.

Key Skill

Race Starts

Practising and simulating the beginning of a sprint race, finding the triangle faster.